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Let Renfro Consulting Inc. evaluate your program before the VPAT, CVAA or WCAG testing so your engineering team has a chance to fix any defects that may exist. With this testing you get education, answers and understanding about what is needed to make your application ready to work with assistive technology.
Our feedback from these detailed reports garners rave reviews. The developers really appreciate the ability to achieve compliance before the VPAT.
There is no time easier to fix and perfect than during development. Simple additions can make a huge difference. Let us show you the way to accessible applications.

Cooperative Contracts Program

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Texas Department of Information Resources

Vendor Agreement: DIR-TSO-3806

Accessibility Compliance Testing 

There are many regulations that the US and other governments require for hardware, software, communication devices specific to the 508 laws. Let our expertise guide you through this maze of testing and reporting. There may be exemptions that we can help find and report as well. We do this everyday.
Renfro Consulting Inc. is committed to being knowledgable and sharing what we know with you at your need level. We charge competitive rates and are available at each stage of the testing and reporting process to quickly and efficiently answer questions for you, your client or the Governing Agent asking the questions.
We care about this stuff and are here for you.


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Service Description Manufacturer's Part Number Manufacturer or Authorized Reseller (M/R) MSRP DIR Discount % off MSRP DIR Customer Price *
C accessibility testing services VPAT M $2,000.00 15.00% $1,712.75
C accessibility testing services VPAT/WCAG M $3,000.00 15.00% $2,569.13
C accessibility testing services CVAA M $1,500.00 15.00% $1,284.56
C accessibility testing services defect report M $1,000.00 15.00% $856.38
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$80,000 accessibility testing services VPAT 15.00% 10.00% 25.00% $1,712.75
$80,000 accessibility testing services VPAT/WCAG 15.00% 10.00% 25.00% $2,569.13
$80,000 accessibility testing services CVAA 15.00% 10.00% 25.00% $1,284.56
$80,000 accessibility testing services defect report 15.00% 10.00% 25.00% $856.38

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Contracts Program 

VPAT, CVAA and WCAG Testing

With just simple access to your product Renfro Consulting Inc. can perform all accessibility testing and supply the US required forms all ready for the government bidding process. Let us check this off your list. You'll be provided with all you need to complete this step in the aquiring of more sales.
We also provide consulting on every facet of the testing and compliance process.
We are also available after the test for any questions or concerns regarding the testing which may come up during the bidding process.

Let us make you look good.

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When you purchase through DIR, you have the bulk buying power of the State of Texas on your side, which means that eligible customers can buy IT products and services at aggressive discounts without the need for a lengthy procurement process. All of our contracts comply with state purchasing requirements.