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Our Philosophy

Problems with traditional software development life cycles have been among the discussions of top executives over the last number of years. A study recently conducted found 82% of the projects observed failed stating the waterfall project management style as one of the single largest contributing factors. In most cases, these numbers confirm what many organizations have experienced—the waterfall approach is a risky and expensive way to build or acquire software systems. In recent years, organizations have tried turning to Agile development to accelerate projects to the market faster, but in many instances have failed to completely make the transition

Our Services

We can help you achieve this goal through a variety of our services.

Agile Project Management services to create, document and implement a full scale Agile environment to jump start your development lifecycle.

Pre-Project Planning services to identify your business problems, a viable solution and assess your organizations financial, technical, operational and political feasibility to support the new solution.

Iteration Construction services to manage the assignment, prioritization and approval of project iterations for development.

Implementation services to manage QA processes, training and production deployment through all iterations of the project.

Governance Management services to ensure your projects are reviewed, approved and successfully pass audits based on your internal processes.

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