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Engagement Options

Renfro Consulting software developers and testers can work with you in a number of different ways. We offer our clients flexibility in terms of team size and structure as well as the option to increase or decrease numbers during the engagement. Teams are based in our offices and work via remote access or one site based on the location of the engagement.
Skills Augmentation. If your existing team has a shortfall in knowledge or resources, we can augment the existing members to help meet your delivery target.

Integrated Teams. Collaboration has many advantages due to information exchange across both problem and technical domains. We have extensive experience of integrating both large and small teams into a project organization and the know-how to integrate quickly and efficiently with your existing team structure and processes.

Autonomous Teams. It may be possible for a team to work semi- or entirely autonomously. Typically, this would lead to an agile approach, with the team delivering in iterations based on the guidance of a client ‘product owner’.Whatever the engagement style, our engineers have the skills, expertise and experience to help meet your delivery targets.

Quality Assurance

As part of the software development process, Renfro Consulting provides comprehensive software testing and quality assurance services. We will help you plan for and integrate product Quality Assurance into your process, as well as develop and execute automated and manual software tests that provide concise results.
We can help create a comprehensive plan for product Quality Assurance by assessing the current application, analyzing where quality issues exist and prioritizing areas for testing in order to achieve agreed upon coverage targets. Test planning generally concentrates on the following areas, as deemed appropriate to each project's specific requirements:

  • GUI-driven functional and regression tests
  • Automated functional testing of components, features and workflows
  • Performance and stress testing
  • Platform testing including mobile applications​
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Our Developers and Testers

Renfro Consulting provides advanced software development and R&D services.  Our professional software engineers are well-trained and specialized in providing embedded systems, middleware and development services. Our product and program managers have extensive experiences in managing fast-paced and mission-critical projects for global clients.  We are confident that our clients can leverage our embedded development experience and expertise to increase productivity, reduce development cost and ship products on time.
Renfro Consulting can provide software engineers skilled in:

  • Embedded OS: Android, iPhone OS, Linux, Windows Mobile / Windows CE,
  • Middleware: QT, GTK, Windows Mobile UI etc.
  • Applications: DLNA, J2ME, C++, Java Ajax,
  • Stacks: Bluetooth, USB, Network Routing & Switching Protocols
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